Let' s Talk Trash!

Trash or garbage rooms usually include recycling of bottles and cans as well.
This can generate some very foul and putrid odors. Especially if you have wine bottles and beer cans in the recycle bins.
Many apartment multi-story buildings have a trash chute rooms on each floor, plus the actual garbage bins in the parking garage area.
Over the years from servicing our routes, we can recommend Cinnamon & Neutral Super Duty  bars.
For trash  chute rooms the Trash Rom Deodorizer Kit works wonders. You can add one scent bar every 4 weeks to combat odors and leave a pleasant aroma.
Trash chute

Trash chutes eventually build up with pet waste, rotting food, wine, beer, and odorous bacteria. Order our battery fan dispenser kit to fix this. 

Garbage dispenser

All trash eventually ends up in the bins which creates a putrid odor in parking garages or building rooms.

Dispenser wall
One Scent Bar added every 30 days.
An alkaline D battery will last 3 months.
Your garbage room will absolutely better and you will get compliments!
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