Pet Owners Wishful Thinking!


Place near litter box or pet area, add a Scent Bar every 2- 4 weeks. Safe around pets


Home Cleaning 

Be sure to vacuum carpets, rugs, to remove hair and dander.  Do this every other day especially in the area that your pet is usually in.
Rent a shampooer or hire a company to come in and clean your carpets at least every 2 - 4 months.

Sweep and mop hard floors every couple of days or so.

If you have a fabric couch, a carpet shampooer usually has attachments for furniture. There are also plenty of foam sprays on the market for that particular use.

Pet Accessories: Don’t forget to clean you furry friend’s bed, linens, toys/accessories and cage weekly to remove pet smells and prevent pesky odors from occurring. Try the baking soda DIY tip on your pet’s bed as well! 

Pet Cleaning 

Your Pet:
Believe it or not a clean pet is the first step to eliminating pet odors.
Give your pet a bath or a fun and gentle hosing off outside. You can also wipe your pet down with a damp towel and them gently blow dry or use another towel to dry.
It's a good idea to clean your pets paws after a walk  and also good oral hygiene is a must.
Especially for dogs since they can harbor odorous bacteria in their mouths.
They may be prone to licking, chewing or drooling on furniture or items around the house.
Grooming is also important for removing dander and loose fur etc.

Pet Accessories:
Clean and freshen your furry friend’s bed, linens, toys and cage weekly. This insures that odors are kept to a minimum and keep the area  more sanitary.