Scent Bars for Aroma Beam, Scent Blaster & Little Breezer

Individually wrapped for freshness.  Start with one Scent Bar and  add one as needed every 2 - 4 weeks.

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Invigorating manly musk-like cologne aroma.
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Scent Your Home or Business and Get Compliments!

For areas up to 600  square feet

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Includes 4 Scent Refills plus FREE Shipping!

24 month warranty - all parts!

Why Scent My Home or Business?

Multiple studies have shown that it is very important for a business to have a good scent.
A scent flows directly  to your limbic system which stimulates your emotions. A good scent will provide a good feeeling and sense of well being.

A pleasant scent when entering a business or home creates a good first impression and a good scent memory.
A scent creates an instant emotion in your brain. This emotion is not filtered, you have no choice but to react in a positive or negative way . By enhancing your home or busness with a good scent, your customers and guests will receive a good impression.

 An establishment  can have the most expensive and beautiful furniture and decor, with lovely music playing in  the background. However, if the smell is old and musty, people will be turned off regardless.

 By investing in our scent machines, and creating a more pleasant environment, you will attract and retain valued customers. Studies have shown that a pleasant scent in a retail environment will cause the customers to linger longer and actually spend more money.

Our products are also the best way to scent your home and keep it smelling fresh. You can also use seasonal fragrances to keep it fun and interesting.

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