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Scent Breeze - High Ceilings or Challenging Areas - 3,000 sq ft

Scent Breeze Demo

Bluetooth scent diffuser for commercial or large home use. You can control the start and stop times plus days of the week. Plus you can easily adjust the strength of the scent.
Large area stand alone or wall mount  $499  Sale $389 Includes  4oz Scent Oil. FREE Shipping
* Uses Bluetooth App- Scent Marketing. Download on your iPhone or Android
* You control days, time & scent level . Can be set for multiple times each day!
* Scent oil level indicator tell you when it is close to add more scent
* Scents up to 3000 Sq ft very evenly  and is residue free.
Excellent results if you have high ceilings.- Creates a light scent vapor. Uses cold fusion; no heat.No Fade Out!
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